Self Care - A Priority

Working in the field of suicide Prevention and wellbeing, I have learnt that it is vital to pay particular mind to my own wellbeing. A quote from my original short film The Enemy Within, 'I have to keep my own cup full, so I can help others too' rings loud and clear every time I feel myself starting to get a little tired and rundown.


This past week particular, was a meaningful time in the road for me. I have been feeling a significant cultural 'pull' dragging me toward the red centre of the country - Uluru.

Uluru is one of, if not the biggest tourist destination in Australia but to our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people it is much more than that. To many of our people it is known as the 'heartbeat' of our country, Mothers heart.

During my life there have been more than one occasion where I was supposed to travel to the 'heartbeat' but looking back there have been certain 'road blocks' put in the way.

There was a time I was supposed to go for work related time & another occasion I broke my thumb playing football and required surgery pulling me out of the trip. I believe everything happens for a reason, and it wasn't my time until now.

If I were to travel back then, I would not have been equipped mentally to understand the cultural significance of the land mark and I don't believe I would've enjoyed the spiritual beauty as much as I have this trip; this is where the opening paragraph of this piece comes in.


I have been rather busy of late, pretty much traveling from one community to the next, delivering my story of survival through a suicide attempt, and living my life with fairly severe mental illness.

I always have play particular close attention to my wellbeing because what I do, telling my story of suicide attempt survival and he daily struggle of living with Bi Polar disorder & suicidal ideation; it takes a toll. The long days and constant travel takes not only a physical toll but a mental toll also.

Being in Uluru the last week, there was a spiritual feel in the air; one of power & soft beauty. Being able to watch the sunset and the amazement of the colours being projected across the evening skyline & the sunrise as the sun brings to life the colours of the landscape, is truly something I'll never forget.

I have come back to NSW to continue my tour not with an empty tank, but a heart and soul full of spirit & softness ready to again help more people achieve their wellness; I can only do that if I am well within myself.

Remember to take care of you as your number one priority, because without helping you, there's no helping anyone else...