Connection - Do You Have It?


What is connection? It could be connection to sport, family, peers or all of the above put together.

One thing I've learnt about my connection over the past week, is unity - doing it together.

Aboriginal & Torres Straight a Islander culture, is the longest living culture on earth - dating over 60,000 years. Tell me how a culture like ours last so long without the main ingredients; unity, trust, care, respect, humility and I believe the main one - love.

The past week I have been on a cultural camping trip with some close friends I class family. We sang, we laughed, we even cried - but everything we did, without even noticing - we did with those key components I mentioned above.

Living in society today, weather it be a big city or a small country community, we see this type of connection lost. We see kids on computer games for hours at a time, we see families rather sit around the television or on Facebook, rather than having a family conversation around the dinner table, we even see it in the workforce, desks partitioned off so we can get on with our own work.

I challenge you this, is or are the people you spend most of your time with, sharing any of the common values mentioned above? If so, you probably notice your relationships thriving, if not - you probably find yourself in some dark places mentally and emotionally. I believe the key to making a relationship thrive is connection. Having a connection to something, and having that reciprocated through respect, unity, love, trust, humility & love you will find a strong connection to not only your physical being, but also your spirit.

Many people who struggle in social settings, argue with friends a lot, find themselves disconnected. I challenge you this, are you living with these common traits with your everyday life?? If not, ask yourself why?? And challenge yourself to delve into these traits with your everyday relationships.

It works - 60,000+ years of continual living of this doesn't lie....



Connection to culture, is important to me living a balanced life

Connection to culture, is important to me living a balanced life