USA Blog - 2 infinity & beyond

USA Blog - 2 infinity & beyond

Wow is all I can say - Wow!!

What a whirlwind the past 2 weeks have been, traveling 8 states in 10 days, delivering wellness & suicide prevention to in excess of over 10,000 students & young people throughout the USA.

We named the journey the #HopeHelpsHealTour and that's exactly what it was doing. The amount of young people we had contact the team with stories of heartache, sadness & mental health brain pain was incredibly sad. We shared tears of sadness and smiled through times that needed hope - a truly heartfelt experience.

In all the joy I get in helping others, I also took a great deal of honor out of spending close one on one time with both Kevin & his wife Margaret - I honestly feel we have spent time on this earth in a previous life. The car trips, laughs & constant banter between the awesome #HHH crew Me, Kevin, Marg & Lauren (Loz) was what kept us fresh the entire trip.

In working with Kevin I was able to get critical feedback on how I could improve on my delivery techniques and content to hook the audience throughout the entire sessions - I learnt plenty and a big positive for me was to lock away the structure of how I was to deliver my story. I went into this trip as a fair speaker but I believe the tips and tools I took away will benefit me in all I do moving forward in the future.

Another positive of the trip was that I signed an agreement & locked away that Loz will now act as my full time manager/assistant/all round organizer/full time pest. I love the bickering and stirring her and as much as I drive her to the brink of insanity - I'm seriously grateful for the work she does.

When we met at the 2015 Australian Suicide Prevention Conference, my organizational skills had a lot to be desired...

She helped transform my notes in my phone, in draft texts, on my hand, on my arm, inside my hat - you get the picture - to managing my emails, negotiating contracts, booking flights and general reminders that I need hourly... Now we are great friends and I believe brother & sister in a former life - Extremely thankful!!!

The tour also helped plan a few massive ideas going forward, and when they are successful, life will be heading into an exciting & challenging and venture. I am heading back across the seas in June for the entire month, with more states, schools and conferences and also August booked out again for a busy couple of months.

Plenty to look forward to and again spreading the message of suicide prevention, wellness & wellbeing.

In all the craziness of the past 2 weeks, I'm looking forward to getting home on Wiradjuri country, a kiss and cuddle from boss Courtney & my kids.

There are many amazing things that are building in the background and all the work that I am doing, their is no doubt some amazing opportunities to come - but in all honesty - if it meant the craziness of suicidal thoughts and constant negativity that murmurs between my ears every single day - if it meant that would all go away; I'd give it all up in a heartbeat!!

But as I always say...

It May Battle Me; It Won't Beat Me


Big things around the corner- watch this space.. 

Big things around the corner- watch this space..