Gratefulness, Humility & Compassion - Creates Success

I am huge believer in the words scripted as the title of this blog. I believe anyone who is successful, is just like you me - but they chose to seize the opportunity when it presented itself.

We all know people who are suffering. Weather it be illness, financial breakdown the hurt caused by the loss of a loved one.

The thing is, almost every single person in history who has been successful, has a back story of physical & emotional hurt, sadness, grief or loss - they just chose to seize that moment and take it as an opportunity rather than a setback.

Michael Jordan, greatest basketball player of all time - was cut from his high school & university team. He had an option to give up, sulk, or seize that moment as a trigger to spur himself into working harder.

I have had many set backs, emotionally & physically challenging moments in my life - loss of family members, marriage breakdown, separation from children, bankruptcy, injury, suicide attempt - the list goes on...

But how I've bounced forward, rather than back (something I learnt from reading Sam Cawthorns story in book titled Transformations) is the thing that sets me apart.

The term makes sense, you would much rather bounce forward into bigger things, than bounce back to the same place you were before the set back.

I've continually strived for a higher achievement from where Ive been - always trying to make things better, improving by the tiniest of increments - the little 1% improvements always add up.

How I do this - you can do also, not by competing with me, trying to outdo anyone else or being better than anyone - but by improving yourself, again by the tiniest of increments!!

Gratefulness - always be grateful for the situation you may be in; it is easy to ind negative in every situation but choose to seek the positive - the key thing is, you opened your eyes today, meaning you are ALIVE - you are reading this blog, meaning you can READ..

Always be grateful by the situation you are in - by choosing to look for the positives. Even it they may be heavily outweighed by negative - their are still some positive, build on that!!


By showing compassion to every person I interact with helps me find positives - everybody has a story we know nothing about.

The reason, that man or lady gave you a mouthful this morning might be that he didn't sleep a wink lastnight because he is going through a divorce, or his child is terminally ill?? Who knows...

I was telling a friend, I have absolutely no hate for anyone in this world - my friend then asked, what if a person seriously or callously attacked or hurt a loved ones??? My reply - that person must have a reason... Doesn't justify the act, but everyone behaves a certain way, for a certain reason..

They maybe the victim of such attack or do so out of desperation, in order to feed their family (if talking physical assault & or robbery)

Such events will seriously anger and upset me - but I would always challenge myself to find compassion for such a person, as everyone acts a certain way, for a certain reason.


Always be & always remain humble. Best piece of advice my father gave me was - 'don't ever think you are better than anyone else - you are human, you will one day die and be placed in a box/or in the ground like everyone else - look at the King or queen, they still stand up or sit down to go to the toilet just like you or me (if you know my father, his words may not have been as polite lol)

There was a time I was 'lost in the bright lights' of profile and fake glamour - thankfully I am far from that person today and don't see myself better than the next person.

Gratefulness, Compassion & Humility - 3 very important keys to living a successful life; success isn't measured by money, houses clothes or fast cars - because once you find these keys in your life,  you start to realise you don't need the glitz & glamour to love or be loved - & all the money in the world can not buy you love & happiness you find in one another when you are grateful for the life you live!!

Being successful is measured by happiness

My life has been up & down - but I wouldn't change a thing...

Coz I'm happy