Anxiety - How to control it..

What if I told you it is possible to rid your anxiety jus let by  training yourself to change your thought patterns.

Many people around the world struggle on a daily basis with anxiety; the mind races, begins to spiral and for many can lead them to a crippling anxiety attack.

For many years, I was one of those people - and through careful management, I have learnt to control my thought process so it doesn't get to the point of spiralling outve control, leaving me breathless and at times unable to function.


Are you one of these people??


What if I shared with you the simplest of tips & with hard work, because it is hard - you could keep your anxiety to a minimal level - you would try it right???

It came with a conversation with my Dad did the penny drop. My father told me, there is no such thing as the future - only the past, and the present. Living in the present is key.

By meaning there is no such thing as the future, he meant that - anything we think about in the future, is only that; a thought!!

Anxiety is heightened by extreme thoughts about the future - think about a time you have had an anxiety attack...

I tend not to call it anxiety - I call it a case of the 'what ifs'. Anxiety spirals when you have severe thoughts about the 'what ifs' - what if this happens, what if that happens, what if I don't get the job, what if my child dies, what if I die.. The 'what ifs' get so severe that you are all but convinced of the negative outcome.

It is when we are in this critical time of thinking are we engulfed by an Anxiety attack.

The truth is - we have no control of the outcomes of the situation in the future, only situations of the present.

The key is to get in control of your present, by doing something physical,  in reality, rather than in your thoughts or your mind. Mindfulness tips such as rubbing your thumb and index finger together, fast or slow, hard or soft - thins physical action enables your mind to think present and concentrate on the task at hand. Feel the grooves in your fingerprint, the heat it is generating by the constant friction of rubbing together.

Another is sit or stand in quiet and be mindful of your body parts on yr body; your feet touching the souls of your shoe, you feet covered in the warmth of your socks, if you are seated, what part of your body is touching the chair, all while slowing your breathing, to the point you can actually hear your self breathe. A good one to use with breathe work is a technique my good friend Kevin Hines taught me; 4-7-8 inhale 4 seconds hold 7 seconds & exhale 8 seconds - this enables  the body to relax, lower your heart rate &

blood pressure; or you can combine two techniques, physical mindfulness and the counting of breathing.

The mindfulness and breathing brings you back to paying attention to how your body is feeling, your breathing & it brings you back to present.

By learning to live present will enable you to build on your mental strength and not get lost in the 'what ifs'

Another thing is - anxiety is majority heightened by negative thoughts, which leads to the spiral. Learn to back your negative up with a positive action. How you do that is through gratefulness. Whenever you have a negative thought - I get engulfed by them every day; constant negative & suicidal ideation - but I learn to listen to my breath, by listening to my breath gives me a Sense of gratitude to be alive and share my message everyday.

The keys are living present & acknowledging you have no control over the future, only what you are doing in this exact present moment