Reconciliation.. Or is it???

The term reconciliation, is to reconcile an existing relationship that has broken down or fallen apart.. 

In looking at this true definition, are we wanting to reconcile an existing relationship or are we starting to build a relationship that never really was??? 

So many times I hear the term, let's work for reconciliation? Don't you want reconciliation?

When looking into the relationship of the past, what it looks like now & how we see it in future - it is not reconciling differences but building on what is genuinely acknowledging rights & equality for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

Now, as many of you many know - up until the 1967 referendum, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people were classed as part of the Flora & Fauna act; meaning until the age of 7 - my parents were looked soon as plants & animals, nothing but trees and cattle.. 

Recently there has been wide spread articles, about politicians making discriminatory comments toward our people, first it was the infamous 'Lifestyle Choices' when the Abbott government made reference about the living conditions in remote Aboriginal communities when it were introduced discussions on the closure of Aboriginal communities in WA - & the most recent, coalition MP Dennis Jenson, described Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people as 'Noble Savages' 

The one thing that is frustrating is that, there are so many people in the ground both sides of the coin, are working hard everyday to change opinions - then we have one of our so called leaders open his mouth which starts an online race debate. 

My challenge to you; don't talk of reconciling, but talk of building a relationship between both Non Indigenous Australia & Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. A relationship that is moving forward and not taking constant ridicule from others who don't want to see that relationship grow. 

I have been taught an extremely valuable quote that is relatable to this topic in particular...

'Ignorance is Acceptance'  

So when you hear of, see or witness any discriminatory type of behaviour be an allie - correct them, not in an aggressive way but more so in an educational, compassionate way with empathy - they had to learn it somewhere, but you can be the change that can learn a new way.

When people say to me - 'You must really hate when you hear racially fuelled comments from racist people'??

the truth is, NO, I don't hate them, I feel for them because they haven't had the teachings I have about the oldest living culture on the planet - that racist comment has been passed down 228 years through cultural oppression in this country, the person who carries that comment is a sheep - nothing but a follower carrying a message fuelled by hate.  I feel for that person!!!

As people, we have the power to plant the seed for healing. Healing of a country with a deep longing of love & connection to each other.

I will say it again - I have absolutely no angst or hate toward non Indigenous Australians, because I have a deep feeling that - the 1st fleet wasn't sent here to wipe out, kill off or damage our country or Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people or culture; I believe they were sent here to learn from us - it's just taken a bit longer to get that message through, to me included.

Remember, strive for a beautiful relationship with each other; more so than reconciliation. 


Jw 👣